Monday, June 22, 2009

Tirley Court Lake

Did an 8 til 4 session at Tirley Court near Tewkesbury yesterday and caught 6 carp to 17lbs. Quite a good venue if you want action but the rules are rather overkill (no boilies, no meat, no nuts, size 8 barbless hooks max, dip nets and mats, no groundbait) but cheap at £6 a day and you have a good chance of catching a few doubles.

The fish generally aren't in the greatest condition but I've seen worse, also there's the odd monkey there too - I mean person who isn't very good at fishing, makes lots of noise, can't read the rules and swears a lot. If you can tolerate them, you should be ok - you can hide over the other side of the lake. :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Persistance pays off

After several blank trips down to Gardners I finally hooked into something half decent on Tuesday evening. Caught a pristine 15lb common on method and my special homemade boilies.

The weather has been a bit peculiar the last few weeks and I seemed to have been timing my visits a bit badly. I think I have this thing sust now - more fish to follow I'm sure!