Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Fish are biting when the angler's away!

Typical! I planned to join my neighbour Steve down at our local lake after work yesterday and ended up having to stay in work late and missed my chance. Steve did well though - 4 carp near or around the 10lb mark. 3 fish from open water which was strange seeing as though lake is covered by lilly pads. Well done Steve, my turn next! :o)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Learn by looking

It's easy just to turn up a your local lake and drift over to your favourite swim, set up and start fishing but you could be making a big mistake. Just because it's your favourite swim and you usually catch there doesn't mean it's the best swim on the lake on that day!

I know this from experience. Setting up at Gardner's the other week I did just that! I didn't get a single bleep all session and on packing up I wondered round the corner to my mate's swim to find carp galore in the lilly beds right by his feet.

If only I'd checked that swim before I set up!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

First fish at Gardiners Pool

Went down for my first session at Gardiners on Friday evening - May 1st in fact. Weather was overcast and a bit damp which fortunately meant there weren't many anglers on the lake.

I already had an idea which swim to try - a sheltered bay to the right of the car park. The only swim on that bank as it happen due to the overhead power lines.

On good advice from my neighbour Steve, I chucked one rod down the left margin in between some lillies and an overhangin tree. The other - I cast out to the lillies straight ahead but wasn't particularly confident of the location.

On hand with a camera my marvelous girlfriend (who'd popped down on the way home from work) took the following shot of my first carp on my new venue for 2009.

The swan scarpers as my left hand rod bends round.
Giving it a bit of welly keeping the fiesty carp out of the snaggy tree.
Pretty little Mirror landed after a good scrap.

At 8lbs and in immaculate condition - a nice fish, from a pretty swim!