Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catch Report from Hooked in France Apr 2009

Went during the first week of the Easter break this time and met up with not only the fantastic hosts Ian and Sue but also Mike and Mike Chisholm from the world this is Grimsby up-norf.

Had a brilliant time once again catching 16 carp to 42lbs and also drinking a rather large amount of "tea".

Tactics this time was Mr Snowman featuring a Pineapple nugget bottom bait popped up with a pineapple popup. This fished over a bed of mixed pellet and particle.

Anyway, here's my catch report:
1. Common 29lbs 04/04/09 at 10pm

2. Mirror 14lbs 04/04/09 11.45pm

3. Common 18lbs 05/04/09 06:00am

4. Common 26lbs 4oz 05/04/09 1pm

5. Common 25lbs 8oz 05/04/09 11pm

6. Mirror 28lbs 06/04/09 1:30am

7. Mirror 42lbs 06/04/09 1pm "Gobby"

8. Mirror 14lbs 06/04/09 3pm

9. Mirror 25lbs 8oz 06/04/09 10:30pm

10. Common 31lbs 06/04/09 11:00pm

11. Mirror 18lbs 07/04/09 05:00am

12. Mirror 31lbs 08/04/09 06:00am

13. Mirror 29lbs 08/04/09 11:00pm

14. Mirror 23lbs 09/04/09 01:00am (I couldn't get Mike Chis jnr out of bed to take the photo of this one)

15. Mirror 41lbs 2oz 09/04/09 11:30am

16. Common 15lbs 11/04/09 01:00

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